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Simple Intranet is the #1 WordPress intranet suite for small and medium sized organizations.

Simple Intranet User Interface and Mobile UI

What is Simple Intranet?

Simple Intranet is an all-in-one suite of HR, Project Management and Team applications accessible from the cloud or as part of your WordPress based corporate website. You get all the essential functions needed to manage employees, collaborate and share files, schedules, planned vacations, real-time organization charts, company branded wiki-like library, a variety of workflow enabled self-service HR forms and a team/department conversation feed to keep everyone talking and connected!

All of this and more is why Simple Intranet is the world's number one intranet plugin suite.

Connect with Simple Intranet


Have ALL your employees connect and engage with each other in today's new remote work environment: At the office or on mobile devices. User adoption is fast with no training required!

Collaborate with Simple Intranet


Work more closely together, at department or team level via group messaging, calendaring and shared planning around time-off, birthdays, events, employee polling and real-time chat functions.

Create with Simple Intranet


Use Simple Intranet to build and support your entire organization! Update Org Charts instantly, create a unified corporate library, leverage self-service HR with workflow to streamline your business processes.

Powerful & Flexible Features



Daily Work


More Value & Rapid Adoption

Intranet your way

Each organization works differently. That's why we've designed Simple Intranet to be flexible and customizable to your requirements. Designed to work well in for any industry - including government and non-profit organizations. Our quick-start packages helps you get up and running quickly!

Find out why Simple Intranet is the world's number one Intranet plugin suite ...

Simple Pricing

You get it "all". That means all features, all functionality, and no user constraints. That's value, and all for one monthly predictable price.

Simple Start

Simple Intranet can plug into your web environment or can be accessed securely in the cloud and with mobile devices.

Simple ROI

Collaborate with employees and capture value immediately. Better still, the more features you use, the more value you unlock.

Happy Customers

"We saved thousands by avoiding the overpriced and over-featured larger alternatives which held us hostage with their pricing and user agreements."
Don Fletcher
Los Angeles
"For the first time, all our employees are working together, communicating and really having fun as they deliver better bottom line results!"
Renata Breitling
"In our small company, wearing multiple hats is a must. Simple Intranet is one less thing we have to worry about in our under-staffed IT shop."
Pierre Jardine

A light-weight solution that is heavy on value and benefits

For managing your organization, content and files - No solution brings as much functionality and value for the price.

Simple Intranet User Interface

We’ve Made The Complex Task Of Intranet Software Management... Well, Simple.

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