Feature Requests

Simple Intranet

  • Add option to remove Out of Office toggle from grid view
  • Allow Google Calendar Event import by a default category
  • Allow option for custom ordering of Birthday and Anniversary Widgets
  • Add front end out of office toggle to Screen Options
  • Allow directory display based on title
  • Exclude first and last name from search and allow ordering

Simple Files

Front End

  • Add ability to share a link directly to a folder vs just a file
  • Allow email file sharing by group
  • Add tracking for the number of downloads, total and by user (option to hide/show on front end, or just for admin)
  • Add a “Watch” option to add email of user to see/get notified of any revisions
  • Spawn Media Library to download/edit and add revisions notes
  • Email trigger to those on “Watch list” (anyone who edits is added automatically to email list).
  • Allow option for viewing files without being logged in
  • Allow selected columns to be hidden via Options

Back End

  • Allow “Status” to be updated for Approved, Under Review, Draft.
  • Add users to Email notifications area for any revisions / updates.
  • Create RSS feed of file changes.

Simple Leave

  • Allow Subscribers to edit/view vacation days in the Dashboard vs just admins
  • Allow multiple approvers of vacations
  • A front end view of the “Your vacation days”  in the form of a short code
  • Shortcode for vacation days left
  • Allow custom holidays to be input and removed from vacation days
  • Make front end form labels customizable
  • Allow logging of hours of vacation vs just days

Shortcode for front end with:

  • Date you were hired:
  • Company fiscal year start date:
  • Your vacation days available per period:
  • Your vacation days used this period:
  • Your vacation days left this period:
  • Also a list of vacation days with status so something like the below
    • Start date – End date – Description – Status (Pending/Approved)

Simple Bookings

  • Edit list of approvers in the Simple Bookings plugin –

Simple Grid View

  • Add ability to exclude or include multiple department/groups such as department_group parameter in list view
  • Add ability to filter by Organization name

New Plugin Ideas

  • Employee performance review workflow, with peer approvals and feedback
  • Front page smart content showing most popular content items
  • Simple Page Restriction – modify to restrict by groups/roles
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